Alternative Cannabinoid Dietary Cannabis

“Cannabis has medicinal activity that prevents or treats conditions when included in the diet as an essential food. Cannabinoids are highly available in raw Cannabis juice, sprouts, micro-greens and pure CBD strains.  Cannabis produces each dietary essential we cannot synthesize: non-psychoactive Essential Cannabinoid acids, Essential Fatty acids, Essential Amino acids and fiber.”

“The Endo-Cannabinoid System maintains our biological systems by regulating each cell tissue. It uses Arachidonic acid from the Essential Fatty Acid Omega 6 to make Cannabinoids: fatty molecules that communicate harm between cells.
    Dietary Cannabis mimics the Endo-Cannabinoid System by providing “Phyto”-Cannabinoids when there is an Arachidonic acid or Clinical Endo-Cannabinoid Deficiency.
    “The body produces endogenous cannabinoids. You may have heard of endorphins: that’s endogenous morphine. Well, in a similar fashion, the body produces endogenous cannabinoid. ”
    “A million times a day, cells begin to divide that shouldn’t be dividing and the immune system has to say, “Hey, you know, the shrubs are getting a little hairy there; we’ve got to trim them down. We’ve got enough renal cells or kidney cells. We’ve got enough bone cells, muscle cells.” So the immune system’s highly competent at dealing with that, but it can become more competent. And that is exactly what cannabinoids do, whether you’re talking about the body’s endogenous cannabinoids, or the plant, which can be Phyto-Cannabinoids (which just means cannabinoids from plants) or exogenous Cannabinoids. Both of those terms refer to those 20 carbon molecules that are produced outside of the body, but bind to the protein receptors on the cells in our body and therefore help regulate it. So whether we’re talking about the body’s chemistry, or the plant chemistry, their role is to modulate the function of the immune system.”
    “So a cannabinoid is a modulator that restores optimal function. That’s what the body’s system is doing. That’s what the plant does. The plant facilitates the rapid restoration of the normal function.” — William L. Courtney, M.D. “
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