Spontaneous, anecdotal, retrospective, open‐label study on the efficacy, safety and tolerability of cannabis galenical preparation (Bedrocan)

Image result for Int J Pharm Pract.“Our main aim was to investigate the short‐term therapeutic effects, safety/tolerability and potential side effects of the cannabis galenical preparation (Bedrocan) in patients with a range of chronic conditions unresponsive to other treatments.

These data suggest that a cannabis galenical preparation may be therapeutically effective and safe for the symptomatic treatment of some chronic diseases.

The findings suggested that patients affected by chronic long‐standing (months or years) advanced disease, who had not responded to standard treatment, had improved symptoms when they were treated with Bedrocan. The galenical treatment contributed not only to decreased pain but also to restored physical function in this cohort after 3 months and improvement in overall QOL.”


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