Study Links Obesity, Cancer – News

“Study Links Obesity, Cancer”

“‘Direct link’ between cancer and obesity”

 “Obesity link to cancer” 

“Study supports link between obesity and higher incidence of cancer, poorer prognosis”

“Obesity-Cancer Link Detailed”

  “Obesity Linked to Many Cancer Cases in U.S.”

“Increased obesity means increased cancer cases”

 “Obesity responsible for 100,000 cancer cases annually”

“Obesity is now the leading cause of cancer”

“Obesity as a Cause of Endometrial Cancer: Gynecologic Oncologists to Add Perspective on New Report”

“Obesity Helps Spur Cancer’s Growth, Mouse Study Suggests”

“Obesity makes cancer harder to treat – researchers”

“Childhood Obesity linked to Colorectal Cancer”

“Childhood obesity linked to bladder, urinary cancer”

“Study links childhood obesity to cancer in adults” 

 “Weight Gain and Obesity Linked with Endometrial Cancer Risk” 

 “Athlone scientist reveals link between obesity and oesophageal cancer”

“Scientists uncover key mechanism that links obesity and diabetes with cancer”

 “Obesity Gene Linked To Skin Cancer”

“Obesity linked to liver cancer, gallbladder cancer”

“Obesity linked to womb cancer rise”

“Obesity Linked to Ovarian Cancer”

“Obesity genes linked to uterine cancer”

 “Obesity Linked to Ovarian Cancer”

“Obesity Linked to More Advanced and More Aggressive Thyroid Cancer”

“Obesity Linked to Higher Risk for Aggressive Thyroid Cancer”

 “Pancreatic cancer and obesity linked”

 “Obesity linked to rise in kidney cancer”

 “Obesity fuels record rise in kidney cancers”

 “Obesity Linked to Prostate Cancer, Study Finds”

“Obesity Raises Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer”

 “Obesity increases men’s risk of dying from prostate cancer” 

“Researchers discover link between obesity gene and breast cancer”


 “Breast Cancer Linked to Obesity Gene, New Research Suggests” 


“Research Piles Up on Links Between Cancer and Obesity”

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