Cannabinoids in anesthesia and chronic pain: Where do we stand?

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“Cannabis derivatives have been conventionally employed globally for their curative and restorative properties for various ailments. However, its recreational use and consequent legal restrictions have substantially cramped its scientific research.

An emerging interest regarding the profound therapeutic potential of cannabinoids has been observed among clinicians. Despite a rich cultural background, high-quality research on cannabinoids is lacking in the Indian scenario. This review readdresses the challenges on this front and brings an insight into the current status of cannabinoids and their utility in scientific exploration.

Cannabinoids have a significant medicinal value in various clinical disorders. Its use so far has been based on scarce resources and corroborations, as evidence-based substantiation is limited.

Through this review article, we emphasize the remarkable role enacted by cannabinoids in the treatment of various clinical disorders and an utterly significant need to formulate stringent research methodologies to promote its systematic investigation.”

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