THC Total HealthCare is a resource to help you uncover the truths behind the Cannabis plant and its medical benefits.  Each year there are many scientific studies on cannabis that are never seen by the public.  THC Total HealthCare will work on creating an easy to search library of all of these medical case studies.  You will also find articles, videos, and patient testimonials about the medical benefits of Cannabis. It is our goal to give you a place to gain knowledge and educate yourself about your endocannabinoid system.  

This page is to help you so please tell us what you would like to see. If you find an article, video, or story that you think should be on THC Total HealthCare please send it in or direct us to it.

THC TotalHealth Care was inspired by David Worrell who spends countless hours researching and sharing information to help others learn about this unique plant and all of its medicinal benefits, and Rick Simpson who created the video documentary “Run From The Cure” that has opened many  eyes to the effects Cannabis has on cancer and other diseases.

 Please send all questions and suggestions to     azTotalHealthCare@gmail.com      

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  1. What can we do if our policy makers will not even consider the facts, read the journals, research papers and test results? I hate that I am putting my family and their future at risk to save another family members life. It’s so wrong that big pharma has the governments ears over their constituents. I want to fight them but I fear their legal retribution. This grass roots, underground movement needs to grow faster. I want change and I want it now! I want it legal now. I will help spread the word but I guess that’s all I can do.

    • As long as each of us reads them start using the learned knowlage, then the rest does not matter.

      If each person just starts acting and stop asking for permission about vital factors related to their well being and happiness, then the political problem will fade and become secondary.

      All the information is all there, and the choice is easy.

      One other thing to remember is that THC and CBD from cannabis is not the only solution available. Eat greens, plants, hearbs, fruits, organic, start juicing 1-2 times daily, be a vegan or vegetarian for a while and see the difference. It works,

      Don’t wait, just do : )

      Watch the informative DYI movies:
      Food Matters
      Dying to have known
      Raw in 30 days

      Visit Dr. Andrew Saul’s website about natural proven and confirmed natural treatments.

      Best regards

  2. A very close person of mine has been told their rite kidney has a growth that is almost taking over the kidney now & also they have 4 spots in their pancreas. They we’re always against ‘hemp’ but now are wondering what this natural oil could do for them. Their common question seems to be: If I have surgery to remove the rite kidney while being on the natural oil is there side effects/reactions? All I can seem to explain to them rite now from my findings is while on the natural oil and you do the surgery is you’d wanna sleep, I have yet to see any type of reaction. Do you happen to know of any cases or what other information I could share? Thank you, there is Power in People and this plant will be heard! Nica

  3. I do volunteer background research for Project CBD. I just wanted to congratulate you on having the best curated website on cannabis medical news. Keep up the good work!

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