Hempseed (Cannabis sativa) offers effective alternative over statins in ameliorating hypercholesterolemia associated nephropathy

“A direct link between hypercholesterolemia (HC) and renal pathologies has been established. Statins, the drugs of choice for HC management, have been associated with various side effects and toxicities, including nephropathy and other renal insults. Thus, natural dietary products based-alternative strategies for HC and associated pathologies are being considered.

Objectives: Based on the unique nutritional composition and numerous health benefits of Hempseeds (Cannabis sativa), currently the potential anti-inflammatory and redox modulatory effects of hempseeds lipid extract (HEMP) against HC associated renal damage were evaluated and compared with statins (Simvastatin) in HFD induced experimental model of HC in rats.

Results: Not only, HEMP administration improved the lipid profiles and morphological signs of HC, but it also was safe compared to Simvastatin in terms of hepatic and renal function markers. Further, changes in renal histoarchitecture, biochemical markers of oxidative stress, and expression profiles of lipid metabolism and inflammatory pathways (Cox-1/2, PGDS, PGES) revealed that HEMP positively modulating the redox homeostasis activated the resolution pathways against HC associated renal insults.

Conclusion: The outcomes of the current study indicated HEMP’s ameliorative and therapeutic potential against hypercholesterolemia-associated nephropathies and other systemic effects.”


Clinical Biochemistry