The effect of high-dose dronabinol (oral THC) maintenance on cannabis self-administration.

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“There is a clear need for advancing the treatment of cannabis use disorders. Prior research has demonstrated that dronabinol (oral THC) can dose-dependently suppress cannabis withdrawal and reduce the acute effects of smoked cannabis.

The present study was conducted to evaluate whether high-dose dronabinol could reduce cannabis self-administration among daily users.


Chronic dronabinol dosing can reduce cannabis self-administration in daily cannabis users and suppress withdrawal symptoms. Cannabinoid agonist medications should continue to be explored for therapeutic utility in the treatment of cannabis use disorders.”

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  1. m,…EI found your website looking for a commentary my local newspaper published in 2013, “Medical marijuana could have eased wife’s pain,” and found you had also posted it. I live in a senior facility where many residents are learning about the various medical benefits of cannabis. I was sharing my article with them on our Facebook page and also put a link on to your website as an excellent resource for the more scientifically minded residents. My question is who, besides presumably someone named David, are you? I was hoping for a bio in the about section because I believe in transparency. Regardless of the anonymity, you have been doing a great service.

  2. my husband has stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma cancer in the lymph nodes on left side of neck and a tumor in his left tonsil.. surgery is to be done may 11th to remove lymph nodes and tonsil, was told he could lose the ability to talk, his voice box, a feeding tube, not be able to lift or use left arm, have part of his tongue removed, and even walking, he might be disfigured. after surgery they want to start radiation and maybe chemo, we want to try the thc and cbd treatments. too many horrible side effects from radiation. a friend is a chemist who makes cbd oil caps and thc caps, they r 100% thc, we’re told it will put him down for at least a month, he would lose control of his bowels, watched 24/7,unable to get out of bed without help. scary but is better than radiation or chemo.don’t know what to do and need advice if this is a good idea. i don’t want to lose my husband, he is not even old enough for social security. been looking as much as i know to look for for help. feeling over whelmed, so much info, hard to understand. have not told surgeon yet about decision. know he is going to push for chemo and radiation.if there is any information you could give to help us, i would be so happy. surgery is in 10 days. thank you so much, becky allen

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