Poly(cannabinoid)s: Hemp-Derived Biocompatible Thermoplastic Polyesters with Inherent Antioxidant Properties

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“The legalization of hemp cultivation in the United States has caused the price of hemp-derived cannabinoids to decrease 10-fold within 2 years. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of many naturally occurring diols found in hemp, can be purified in high yield for low cost, making it an interesting candidate for polymer feedstock. In this study, two polyesters were synthesized from the condensation of either CBD or cannabigerol (CBG) with adipoyl chloride. Poly(CBD-Adipate) was cast into free-standing films and subjected to thermal, mechanical, and biological characterization. Poly(CBD-Adipate) films exhibited a lack of cytotoxicity toward adipose-derived stem cells while displaying an inherent antioxidant activity compared to poly(lactide) films. Additionally, this material was found to be semi-crystalline and able to be melt-processed into a plastic hemp leaf using a silicone baking mold.”



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