Anti-Cancer Effects of Calvatia lilacina, Pleurotus ostreatus and Volvariella volvacea

“Anti-Cancer Effects of Protein Extracts from Calvatia lilacina (CL)Pleurotus ostreatus (PO) and Volvariella volvacea (VV)… widely distributed worldwide and commonly eaten as mushrooms…the protein extracts of these mushrooms could be considered an important source of new anti-cancer drugs…”

“Calvatia lilacina (CL),” 

“Calvatia lilacina protein-extract induces apoptosis through glutathione depletion in human colorectal carcinoma cells. This paper reports that a novel protein extract isolated from Calvatia lilacina (CL) can induce cell death against four types of human colorectal cancer cells…we report here for the first time the anticancer effect of CL on human colorectal cancer cells…CL can thus provide the basis for the strategic design of a treatment of colorectal cancer.”


“Pleurotus ostreatus (PO),” 

“Pleurotus ostreatus inhibits proliferation of human breast and colon cancer cells…our results indicated that the edible oyster mushroom has potential therapeutic/preventive effects on breast and colon cancer.”


“and Volvariella volvacea (VV)”

Isolation and characterization of a lectin from edible mushroom, Volvariella volvacea… The lectin has a moderate inhibitory effect on the growth of tumor cells.”

“Structures and antitumor activities of polysaccharides isolated from mycelium of Volvariella volvacea.”

“Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides. The number of mushrooms on Earth is estimated at 140,000, yet maybe only 10% (approximately 14,000 named species) are known. Mushrooms comprise a vast and yet largely untapped source of powerful new pharmaceutical products. In particular, and most importantly for modern medicine, they represent an unlimited source of polysaccharides with antitumor and immunostimulating properties.”

“Antitumor activity of mushroom polysaccharides: a review.”

“The protein extracts of CL, PO and VV can be considered as a source of potential cancer therapeutic agents.”

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