Cannabinoids as multifaceted compounds


“Since ancient times, Cannabis and its preparations have found various applications such as for medical, recreational and industrial purposes. Subsequently the 1930s, legislation in many countries has restricted its use due to its psychotropic properties. More recently, the discovery of endocannabinoid system, including new receptors, ligands, and mediators, its role in maintaining the homeostasis of the human body and the possible implication in various physiological and pathophysiological processes has also been understood. Based on this evidence, researchers were able to develop new therapeutic targets for the treatment of various pathological disorders. For this purpose, Cannabis and cannabinoids were subjected for the evaluation of their pharmacological activities. The renewed interest in the medical use of cannabis for its potential therapeutic application has prompted legislators to take action to regulate the safe use of cannabis and products containing cannabinoids. However, each country has an enormous heterogeneity in the regulation of laws. Here, we are pleased to show a general and prevailing overview of the findings regarding cannabinoids and the multiple research fields such as chemistry, phytochemistry, pharmacology and analytics in which they are involved.”

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