Marijuana Better Cure for PTSD, Veteran Soldier Testifies

“Veteran Matt Kahl has claimed that marijuana is the only drug that allows him to get over his PTSD, the side effect after two tours in the Afghanistan war.

Kbzk reported that in an interview with CBS News’ Barry Peterson (video below), Matt Kahl shared his experience with marijuana as a cure for his PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

War veteran Matt Kahl came home to America after two tours in Afghanistan, a wounded soldier, physically and mentally. Kahl’s physical injuries wracked him with pain, and the mental anguish was overwhelming he had to take 15 different medications. The medication seemed short of helpful that Khal attempted suicide ten months after his return to America.

“About ten months after I got back, I attempted suicide. I was completely hopeless,” he said.

But then he discovered the “healing” effects of marijuana which had probably saved his life.

“Suddenly, my extremely overactive, hyper-vigilant mind started to calm down, and my pain gradually started to go away, too. I needed less of these other medications,” he revealed.

Shortly afterwards, Kahl was determined to move to another state where marijuana is legal so that he could “get his life back.” So he moved his family to Colorado.

Inquisitr reported that ever since the marijuana legalisation bill went into effect in Colorado, Denver’s crime rates have dropped by 10.6 percent compared to January of this year.

Matt Kahl now works with a support group called Grow4Vets in Colorado. He and other volunteers reportedly recently spent a day putting together bags of marijuana products to give away on holidays, like Memorial Day.

Current treatments of PTSD range from therapy to prescription drugs, but according to Grow4Vets founder Roger Martin, the group wants to replace the pills with marijuana.

“Anybody that’s been on narcotic medication especially wants to get off of it,” he said, adding that he really hasn’t met anybody who “just enjoys being in a drug stupor.”

Kbzk cited another veteran, marijuana shop owner Toni Fox’s father, who came home from Vietman suffering PTSD. Fox recalled her father struggled with PTSD his whole life that he eventually committed suicide when she was 14.

“I believe in my heart of hearts that, if he would have had access to cannabis, he would be alive today,” she said.

Despite Matt Kahl’s testimony, critics are still doubtful on the “healing” effects of marijuana, considering the fact that there is little or no scientific proof that it actually helps with PTSD.”

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