Water Extracts from Industrial Hemp Waste Inhibit the Adhesion and Development of Candida Biofilm and Showed Antioxidant Activity on HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells

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“The evolution of regulatory perspectives regarding the health and nutritional properties of industrial hemp-based products (Cannabis sativa L.) has pushed research to focus on the development of new methods for both the extraction and formulation of the bioactive compounds present in hemp extracts. While the psychoactive and medicinal properties of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts are well known, much less has been investigated on the functional and antimicrobial properties of hemp extracts.

Within the hemp value chain, various agricultural wastes and by-products are generated. These materials can be valorised through eco-innovations, ultimately promoting sustainable economic development. In this study, we explored the use of waste from industrial light cannabis production for the extraction of bioactive compounds without the addition of chemicals. The five extracts obtained were tested for their antimicrobial activity on both planktonic and sessile cells of pathogenic strains of the Candida albicansCandida parapsilosis, and Candida tropicalis species and for their antioxidant activity on HT-29 colon cancer cells under oxidative stress.

Our results demonstrated that these extracts display interesting properties both as antioxidants and in hindering the development of fungal biofilm, paving the way for further investigations into the sustainable valorisation of hemp waste for different biomedical applications.”



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