Attenuation of HIV-1 replication in macrophages by cannabinoid receptor 2 agonists.

“Previous studies showed that activation of the CB2 can attenuate inflammatory responses and affect HIV-1 infectivity in T cells and microglia. Here, we report that CB2 agonists can also act as immunomodulators on HIV-1-infected macrophages.

   We speculate that these findings indicate that prevention of viral entry is not a central mechanism for CB2-mediated suppression in viral replication.

However, CB2 may affect the HIV-1 replication machinery.

Results from a single-round infection with the pseudotyped virus revealed a marked decrease in HIV-1 LTR activation by the CB2 ligands.

Together, these results indicate that CB2 may offer a means to limit HIV-1 infection in macrophages.”

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