Cannabis: Drink Your Medicine! A Poor Man’s Guide to Juicing

Add a handful of leaves (less stems)...

“There are currently two camps on curing cancer with cannabis: the hot process created by Canadian Rick Simpson some 13 years ago, and juicing raw leaves advocated by Dr. William Courtney of California. Both have had undeniable success in curing cancer and keeping serious illness at bay with the plant, heated or not…


Poor Man’s Juicing 101

Step 1

Remove stems. Rinse, soak, and rinse leaves again. (I soak overnight if leaves have been sprayed.)

Step 2

Add one heaping handful of leaves to blender.

Step 3

Add one cup of juice or water.

Step 4

Blend to “liquefy.”

Step 5

Strain into a container using a sieve.

Step 6

Store juice in glass jars. Juice will keep for a few days in the fridge.

Step 7

Freeze in ice cube trays or plastic containers, wrap in plastic and store in freezer for several weeks.” 

8. Freeze in plastic containers and turn out into plastic wrap. Drink as soon as thawed.
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