Phytochemical Constituents and Derivatives of Cannabis sativa; Bridging the Gap in Melanoma Treatment


“Melanoma is deadly, physically impairing, and has ongoing treatment deficiencies. Current treatment regimens include surgery, targeted kinase inhibitors, immunotherapy, and combined approaches. Each of these treatments face pitfalls, with diminutive five-year survival in patients with advanced metastatic invasion of lymph and secondary organ tissues. Polyphenolic compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids; both natural and synthetic, have emerging evidence of nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmacological potential, including specific anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and palliative utility. Cannabis sativa is a wellspring of medicinal compounds whose direct and adjunctive application may offer considerable relief for melanoma suffers worldwide. This review aims to address the diverse applications of C. sativa‘s biocompounds in the scope of melanoma and suggest it as a strong candidate for ongoing pharmacological evaluation.”

“In conclusion, there is a complex array of effects that polyphenolic and cannabinoid compounds elicit in relation to melanoma. Multiple biochemical and genetic cascades are regulated through the presence of these natural substances. Polyphenolic compounds emergingly demonstrate a significant capacity to mediate many of the impacts of cancer, including pain, inflammation and invasiveness. Combined administration of polyphenol compounds has shown existing promise for improvement of potency and bioactivity of these substances. To combat the complexity of cancer, new pharmacological perspectives are necessary. Accordingly, plant polyphenols, particularly those of cannabis provide a deep well of structural potential for the emergence of novel drugs with multi-applicability to the total sphere of cancer treatment. This is merely the budding tip of biocompounds available for exploration in plant-based medicine and is a substantive base for future research.”

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