Scientists find how green tea fights cancer – News


“Scientists find how green tea fights cancer.

“Cup of Herbal Tea Could Help Fight Breast Cancer”


“25 Benefits to Drinking Green Tea… #1. Green tea and cancer: Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer.”


“Green Tea May Fight Lung Cancer”

“Green Tea May Ward Off Lung Cancer”

“How Green Tea May Thwart Lung Cancer”

“Green Tea Could Modify the Effect of Cigarette Smoking On Lung Cancer Risk”

 “Tea Ingredient Fights Leukemia”

“Tea Ingredient Fights Leukemia”,2933,152447,00.html 

“Green Tea’s Cancer-Fighting Allure Becomes More Potent”

“Green tea fights oral cancer”

“Green Tea Fights Prostate Cancer”

“Green tea fights inflammation and cancer.”

“Green tea fights cancer”

“Green tea fights ovarian cancer”

Green Tea’s Record Against Cancer Grows. Green Tea Extract Targets Cancer Without Hurting Healthy Cells”

“Green Tea, White Tea Fight Colon Cancer”

“Could Green Tea Help Fight Prostate Cancer?”

“Could Green Tea Help Fight Prostate Cancer?”

“Drinking green tea may fight prostate cancer”

“Green Tea Extract ‘Made Cancer Disappear’, Study Shows”

“Green Tea Ingredient Fights Cancer”!

“Green tea ‘can block cancer'”

“Green tea can cure mouth cancer & Fight bad breath” 


 “Cheap tea ‘may pose health risk'” 


“Cheaper supermarket teas could cause fluoride related illnesses”

“Cannabis tea revisited: a systematic evaluation of the cannabinoid composition of cannabis tea.”

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