Smoking marijuana lowers risk for bladder cancer

“It’s enough to choke on, society tells us condoning any and all drug use is wrong.
If that’s true, why would there be the following?

Kaiser Permanente researchers studied 83,000 men ages 45-69 and found marijuana smokers are less likely to get bladder cancer than those who smoke cigarettes.

Smokers who used cannabis only, found a 45% decrease in the cancer opposed to those who used only tobacco. Those smokers found a 52% increase in the disease.

This is all based on smoking marijuana more than 500 times as opposed to the once or twice toker.

The study stems from findings at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. The greenage could actually be the seed to stop the metastasis in many kinds of cancer, including breast, brain and cancer of the prostate.

Well munch on this; marijuana remains classified as the most dangerous controlled substance alongside heroin and LSD. This means the DEA has to approve any clinical trials of the drug. Yet our government obstructs that research.

In the midst of all this, Los Angeles councilman Bill Rosendahl posted this video announcing that his cancer is in remission, thanks to his use of medical marijuana.

Maybe all of this will cause the DEA to reconsider. After all, you want to cure cancer don’t you?”

One thought on “Smoking marijuana lowers risk for bladder cancer

  1. this is what I never could understand. they say it is a drug, well yea it is a drug, one that helps people with their nerves, cancer, strokes, etc. and their is no way it is as bad as ony other drug like alcohol, pills ,coke ,meth,etc. I believe I had rather smoke a joint any day than be out their on nerve pills strung out, spaced out in never never land. I would hate to no I was so drunk I couldn’t remember if I had a good time are not, when all I had to do is smoke one chill out for a few then go about my business . just don’t no how they class it as a bad drug, it is no man made people, it’s on this earth from our heavenly father for an reason an that reason is not for man to control.

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