Anticancer and antioxidant properties of terpinolene in rat brain cells.

“Terpinolene (TPO) is a natural monoterpene present in essential oils of many aromatic plant species.

Our findings clearly demonstrate that TPO is a potent antiproliferative agent for brain tumour cells and may have potential as an anticancer agent, which needs to be further studied.”

“Three different medicinal cannabis varieties were investigated Bedrocan, Bedrobinol and Bediol. The major components in Bedrocan smoke were Delta(9)-THC, cannabinol (CBN), terpinolene, CBG, myrcene and cis-ocimene in Bedrobinol Delta(9)-THC, CBN and myrcene in Bediol CBD, Delta(9)-THC, CBN, myrcene, CBC and terpinolene.”

“The sedative effect of inhaled terpinolene in mice and its structure-activity relationships.”

 “Anticancer and antioxidant properties of terpinolene in rat brain cells.”
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