THC:CBD Observational Study Data: Evolution of Resistant MS Spasticity and Associated Symptoms.

“The prospective observational MObility ImproVEment (MOVE) 2 study is collecting real-life clinical outcomes data on patients with treatment-resistant multiple sclerosis (MS) spasticity treated with THC:CBD oromucosal spray in routine clinical practice. The MOVE 2 study has been ongoing in Italy, involving more than 30 MS centres across the country, since 2013.


In the Italian cohort, THC:CBD oromucosal spray was added mainly to oral baclofen. Similar to MOVE 2-Germany, during 3 months’ observation, treatment discontinuations were limited and patients recorded meaningful improvements on the patient-based 0-10 numerical rating scale and physician-rated modified Ashworth scale at mean daily doses that were about one-third lower than those used in the RCT. Also, similar to MOVE 2-Germany, the proportion of patients reporting adverse events was about one-third of the rate recorded in the RCT.


While MOVE 2-Italy continues, this interim analysis has enabled us to better define the place in therapy of THC:CBD oromucosal spray within the context of daily management of our patients with MS spasticity.”

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