Medical Marijuana Encouraged For Pets Battling Cancer

“A veterinarian in Southern California is pushing the idea to help pets with cancer fight pain or regain their appetite by giving them pot.

Medical marijuana supporters argue that pot helps reduce chronic pain and nausea. Veterinarian Dr. Douglas Kramer of said over the years, he’s talked to hundreds of people who’ve given pot to their pets.

“Medical marijuana might have a therapeutic benefit to help animals, especially those with terminal conditions,” Kramer said. “It’s quite clear that people are using it and it has both good an bad effects and they need to discuss it openly with their vet.”

Kramer is pushing for more research and discussion. And, his idea is starting to get traction. Time Magazine and Mother Jones recently explored the controversial issue.

“If people are thinking to take their own medical marijuana and give it to their dogs in a non-controlled dose, the risk of intoxication is too risky to advocate for that,” UC Davis Veterinary Medical Hospital Dr. Karl Jandrey said.

The American Veterinary Medical Association said more research into the effects of marijuana on animals needs to be done before proceeding with treatment since not all drugs affect humans and animals in the same way.”

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