Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration: Yo antibody alters mitochondrial calcium buffering capacity.

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“Neurodegeneration is associated with dysfunction of calcium buffering capacity and thereby sustained cellular and mitochondrial calcium overload. Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD), characterized by progressive Purkinje neuron degeneration following paraneoplastic Yo antibody internalisation and binding to cerebellar degeneration-related protein CDR2 and CDR2L, has been linked to intracellular calcium homeostasis imbalance due to calbindin D28k malfunction. Therefore, we hypothesized that Yo antibody internalisation affects not only calbindin calcium binding capacity but also calcium-sensitive mitochondrial-associated signalling, causing mitochondrial calcium overload and thereby Purkinje neuron death.


These findings suggest that minimising intracellular calcium overload toxicity either directly with cyclosporin-A or indirectly with cannabidiol or the ROS scavenger butylated hydroxytoluene promotes mitochondrial calcium homeostasis and may therefore be used as future neuroprotective therapy for PCD patients.”

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