Cannabis Science Updates Cancer Patient Progress As It Receives Verbal Confirmation By A Physician That Both Sites Of The Former Lesions Are Free Of Cancer Cells; Official Physician Documentation To Follow

“Cannabis Science, Inc. a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana derivative) products, is pleased to announce that we have now received verbal confirmation that the sites of the former cancerous lesions are free of cancer cells and we are now awaiting official Physician documentation of the patient’s history and biopsy reports.

Dr. Robert J. Melamede, the CEO and President of Cannabis Science Inc., stated, “The photographic documentation in our last press release, demonstrated that cannabis extracts appeared to be effective against what seems to be the patient’s third incidence of basal cell carcinoma. For accuracy, it should be noted that a before treatment biopsy of the lesion on the nose was not been performed. It is obvious that there was a lesion-centered response to the application of the cannabis extract. This patient had a previous surgically removed lesion, as well as a biopsied basal cell carcinoma on the right cheek. The lesion on the cheek was also self-treated and resolved with cannabis extracts over a half year ago. This deeper cheek lesion did not visually respond like the lesion on the nose, hence there is no photographic record.”

Cannabis Science is committed to making cannabis-based medicines available to the public as rapidly as possible. The Company is taking multiple approaches to accomplishing this aim in the United States. The science of cannabinoids has exploded over the past decade, laying the scientific foundation for the many medicinal uses of this unique plant. Cannabinoids are a class of biologically active compounds produced by all vertebrates, the Cannabis plant, and more recently patentable synthetic compounds produced by chemists. In fact, modern peer-reviewed science supports the many historical uses that were discovered over thousands of years of medicinal use by herbalists.”


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