Medical Marijuana: Reducing Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients


“Medical marijuana is a justifiable treatment for spasticity in patients with MS.

Interviews indicate that many patients choose marijuana over other medicines because they experience minimal side effects and rapid improvements in motor functioning…

Compared to the steroids, tranquilizers, and sedatives usually prescribed for MS patients, marijuana is remarkably safe and benign…

There is a lack of evidence for long-term risks associated with marijuana use. The short-term risks are minimal and short-lived.

Studies verify the positive relationship between medical marijuana use and reduced spasticity.

Voters are realizing the cruelty associated with robbing a terminally or chronically ill patient from the medicine that most relieves their pain.

MS is a chronic disease that can lead to severe pain and disability if untreated. For these reasons, medical marijuana should be available to patients who understand the risks associated with its use.

Until medical research develops an equally effective oral drug, marijuana will remain a reasonable option for patients suffering from MS.”

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