THC for Huntington’s Disease? CB1 receptors important for more than drug use

Psychology Today: Here to Help

“Smoking marijuana doesn’t have to be a bad thing – Especially if you have HD.

The idea that THC can be used to relieve disease symptoms isn’t a new thing – Glaucoma, HIV, and cancer patients have all benefited from the use of CB1 agonists whether in the form of marijuana leaves or a pharmacologically similar product (like dronabinol).

Nevertheless, the idea of using THC or other CB1 agonists for the treatment of HD is pretty new…

The results of this study suggest that THC and other CB1 compounds may not only be able to improve symptoms in already symptomatic HD patients, but also slow down the progression of such a devestating disease.

Good news all around and a great use of THC as far as I’m concerned (medical use and removal from schedule-1 anyone?!).”

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