Cannabis very effective as painkiller after a major sugery

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“The very existence of cannabis as a substance with possible medical use is a contentious topic, to say the least. Its status as an illicit substance is hotly debated, with proponents from both sides (for and against legalization) engaged in a decades-long battle.

The status of marijuana in the United States as a Schedule I Substance under the Controlled Substances Act means not only that it is highly illegal to possess, but it is classified along the likes of cocaine, heroine, and crystal meth.

Schedule I substances are those that a) have high potential to be abused; b) have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; and c) are lacking in accepted safety in use under medical supervision.

All of these qualifiers are potentially important in classifying drugs and substances, but many people argue that marijuana does not belong in Schedule I…

Pain after surgery remains a problem in the medical community, and traditional prescribed painkillers often have unpleasant side effects as well as diminishing benefits.

Cannabis extracts work due to the cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

Cannabinoids from marijuana help to effectively strengthen the body’s ability to reduce pain sensation.”–n55

Cannabis very effective as painkiller after a major sugery

Cannabis as painkiller

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“Cannabis-based medications have been demonstrated to relieve pain.

Cannabis medications can be used in patients whose symptoms are not adequately alleviated by conventional treatment.

The clinical effect of the various cannabis-based medications rests primarily on activation of endogenous cannabinoid receptors.

Consumption of therapeutic amounts by adults does not lead to irreversible cognitive impairment.”