Muscular Dystrophy-Cannabinoids-Symptom Relief

“Cannabinoids Help Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms: Cannabinoids are now known to have the capacity for neuromodulation, via direct, receptor-based mechanisms, at numerous levels within the nervous system. 

These provide therapeutic properties that may be applicable to the treatment of neurological disorders, including anti-oxidative, neuroprotective effects, analgesia, anti-inflammatory actions, immunomodulation, modulation of glial cells and tumor growth regulation. 

Beyond that, the cannabinoids have also been shown to be “remarkably safe with no potential for overdose.”

(vaporizing) Marijuana:

“miraculously improved his quality of life so much so that he left his family and friends in New Jersey to live in California, where he can readily get his medication.”

Sublingual (under the tongue)-tincture (alcohol based) or infused oil (olive or food grade glycerin or coconut)

Topicals (salves, ointments, balms) for muscle pain and spasms.

Cannabinoids:  increase appetite, analgesic (rid pain), muscle relaxant, saliva reduction, bronchodialation,  and sleep induction.


CBD-rich strains are best choice.  Sativa dominant x Indica.”


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