Cannabis, a Miracle Drug with Polyvalent Therapeutic Utility: Preclinical and Clinical-Based Evidence

/WebMaterial/ShowPic/1319420“Cannabis sativa L. is an annual herbaceous dioecious plant which was first cultivated by agricultural human societies in Asia. Over the period of time, various parts of the plant like leaf, flower, and seed were used for recreational as well as therapeutic purposes. The main chemical components of Cannabis sativa are termed as cannabinoids, among them the key psychoactive constituent is Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol (CBD) as active nonpsychotic constituent. Upon doing extensive literature review, it was found that cannabis has been widely studied for a number of disorders. Very recently, a pure CBD formulation, named Epidiolex, got a green flag from both United States Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration for 2 rare types of epilepsies. This laid a milestone in medical cannabis research.

This review intends to give a basic and extensive assessment, from past till present, of the ethnological, plant, chemical, pharmacological, and legal aspects of C. sativa. Further, this review contemplates the evidence the studies obtained of cannabis components on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, emesis, epilepsy, chronic pain, and cancer as a cytotoxic agent as well as a palliative therapy. The assessment in this study was done by reviewing in extensive details from studies on historical importance, ethnopharmacological aspects, and legal grounds of C. sativa from extensive literature available on the scientific databases, with a vision for elevating further pharmaceutical research to investigate its total potential as a therapeutic agent.”

“This study has analyzed and reviewed the historical, botanical, chemical, ethnopharmacological, and legal aspects of C. sativa from the first human use to the present medical applications with an analysis of its multiple therapeutic applications for various diseased conditions in the contemporary scientific context. There is an abundance of support for its several medicative uses as well as a possible benefit in various diseased conditions. Extensive pharmacological examination is still needed to better understand the clinical significance and uses of active cannabinoids in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Also, cannabis can be chemically standardized and under prescription can be used. With the majority of the United States currently legalizing medicinal cannabis and/or restricted CBD-only use, physicians need to be educated on the history and correct clinical use of cannabis, as a result of which patients can know more and more about possible treatment utilizing cannabis. Medical cannabis has shown to have clinical efficacy in our past, and in present, data show its therapeutic effects. Extensive research in the field of cannabis can be very fruitful for the medicine world.”

Miracle Drug: Medical Marijuana Cures Child of Terminal Epilepsy

Mia Wilkinson

“Only until recently has medical marijuana received its deserved accolades by the mainstream media as a miracle drug; however, many in the medical industry are still leaving pot on the back-burner….until NOW.

A Canadian mother named Sarah Wilkinson has tangible claims about how cannabis has saved her disabled and once terminally ill daughter’s life.”

During an interview with the Toronto Sun, Wilkinson said “I assumed people who wanted it just wanted to get high” prior to her daughter’s marijuana use. However, once administering marijuana to her daughter with no other options from the pharmaceutical industry, Mia’s seizures went from 100 a day to 8 at most, changing her stance about the drug overnight. Results upon using the herb were immediate. Mia’s seizures ended within 24 hours of using the herb and now the Wilkinson’s don’t hesitate to call the drug a miracle.”

“Medical marijuana gives epileptic child new lease on life”

“Medical Marijuana Helps Epileptic Child Suffering 100 Seizures a Day”

“Marijuana Miracle: Epileptic Child Who Suffered 100 Seizures Daily ‘Gets Cured’ After Using the Herb”

Marijuana Found to Kill Cancer Cells – The Marijuana and Cancer Relationship

“Thanks to the available findings of a 2006 study showing that cannabis actually reduces the number of cancer cells, medical marijuana users can now feel even better about the widely abolished pain relief ingredient found in the plant. The relationship between marijuana and cancer has always been up for debate, but with the use of a specially crafted oil made from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, scientists confirmed that the plant’s primary psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) destroys any and all malignant cancer cell growths in several patients. Details on the marijuana and cancer prevention connection aren’t exactly known, but further, more extensive testing will reveal exactly what may be causing this seemingly miracle cure.”


Migraine Cure: Marijuana Gives Miracle Relief


“I guess I was a bit excited when I wrote this and my first article on the subject “Marijuana VS Migraines: Modern Medical Miracle” in June 30th 2008. Then I was excited about it because the best treatment I had used was Demerol and Benadry injections which knocked the patient out for at least a whole day. This is much better.

Recently in, a story appeared by Dr. Dianne Stafford, October 3rd 2012 entitled, “Not Just A Headache: Eleven Ways Not To Treat A Migraine”. I hoped that it would be some good stuff but it was a fizzling blah. She didn’t mention one treatment which was a good idea because there are some 20 different pharmaceuticals most of which don’t work for most people. For a migraine sufferer her list is worthless.

I don’t consider myself any great stuff about migraine therapy but I had a real opportunity in this regard when Oregon legalized marijuana for about 10 diseases including severe pain, spasms ( of smooth muscle such as blood vessels in the brain), and nausea and vomiting. Cannabis/marijuana works well for all of these. I must have ended up with about 50 migraine patients who had previously been prescribed or given dozens of poorly working drugs.

At the time no other physician/pharmacologist had published that cannabis/marijuana was effective for migraines, so I published my article. I received 32 responses on 8 pages from July 1st, 2008 till September 1st, 2011. Some are quite short but others are long extolling the effectiveness of cannabis/marijuana therapy. You can read my article and comments. I will reprint a few of the shorter ones:”


Marijuana: Miracle Cure For Crohn’s Disease?

“Crohn’s disease is a autoimmunity deficiency in the gastronomical tract that can cause anything from mild stomach pains to vomiting and in extreme cases, chronic bloody diarrhea. There’s no cure for the disorder but now, researchers in Israel say they’ve found evidence that marijuana causes complete remission of the disease.

This news comes the Meir Medical Center in Israel, which treated 21 patients suffering from Crohn’s disease. 11 of the patients smoked two joints per day of cannabis sativa, which the researchers believed would provide anti-inflammatory relief, while the other (unlucky) 10 were only given a placebo. “The marijuana plant Cannabis sativa has been reported to produce beneficial effects for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, but this has not been investigated in controlled trials,” the researchers argued. “We performed a prospective trial to determine whether cannabis can induce remission in patients with Crohn’s disease.”

Five of the 11 patients who smoked the weed, the study, which was published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, states, acheived “total remission” of their disease, whereas only four of the 10 patients who didn’t smoke the pot reported only slight improvement of their condition. Needless to say, the study, while promising, only seems to suggest that more research should be undertaken. “Further studies, with larger patient groups and a nonsmoking mode of intake, are warranted,” the scientists argued.”

Medical marijuana helps stem 6-year-old’s seizures – CNN

“Six-year-old Jayden David violently shakes on the ground, his blue eyes vacant and then filled with searing pain. The video shows an unvarnished look at a seizure, something Jayden once experienced routinely.

Not anymore, says his father, thanks to medical marijuana.

Before he started taking a liquid, nonpsychoactive form of marijuana, Jayden couldn’t walk, eat solid food or take a bath.

He has Dravet’s syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. It has triggered seizures so frequent that 44 times he has been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, his distraught father by his side.

Jayden’s doctors prescribed 22 anti-seizure pills a day, which controlled the seizures but left him immobilized due to the side effects.

“He’s in pain and suffering and crying,” said Jayden’s father, Jason David. “You can’t help him no matter what. What are you supposed to do? You have to do whatever it takes to save their life.”

Last year, he had enough. Delirious with fatigue and emotional pain, Jason David called his mother to say he wanted to put a gun to his head, just to end the heartbreak of seeing his son suffer. His mother convinced him to not give up.

David turned to something he had seen on television: medical marijuana.

On June 4, 2011, David gave his son marijuana. For the first time since Jayden was 4 months old, the boy went through an entire day without a seizure.

“Instead of medical marijuana, this is miracle marijuana,” said David, holding up a jam jar full of liquefied and cooled cannabis.”


Marijuana Research 2013: Cannabinoids – Today’s Miracle Compounds!

Weed - Marijuana Research 2013: Cannabinoids – Today’s Miracle Compounds!

“There are some within my smoke circle that feel I spend far too much time on the Internet, researching the positive effects of marijuana, however they’re wrong. There is a monumental difference between merely “trolling” for 420 stuff, and searching for articles that aggressively dispel the daily onslaught of disinformation, perpetuated by enemies of the cannabis plant.

As 2012 went out on a positive note for the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption, thanks Colorado and Washington! 2013 has already proven itself to be the year of medical marijuana research. Not even halfway through the year, and marijuana related studies are heating up the scientific community – while demonstrating to countless Americans that cannabinoids are indeed the miracle compounds of our future.”


The Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis (Marijuana) Leaves

“Contrary to popular belief, the marijuana plant is a whole lot more than just a psychoactive drug that “stoners” use to get high.

In raw form, marijuana leaves and buds are actually loaded with a non-psychoactive, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer nutrient compound known as cannabidiol (CBD) that is proving to be a miracle “superfood” capable of preventing and reversing a host of chronic illnesses…

“There’s a tendency to discount claims when something appears to be good for everything, but there’s a reason this is the case. The endogenous cannabinoid system acts as a modulator in fine-tuning a lot of these systems, and if something is deranged biochemically in a person’s body, it may well be that a cannabinoid system can bring things back into balance.””

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Pot Fights Breast Cancer

“For years, cancer patients have used pot to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. But evidence has grown, both clinical and anecdotal, that cannabis has the potential to impede the spread of cancer itself. 

Now, researchers in Japan are reporting that CBDA keeps breast cancer cells from spreading. 

CBD, the miracle of component of cannabis that has been shown to have profound efficacy as a pain reliever, is obtained from its parent molecule, cannabidiolic acid or CBDA.

Until now, investigators have wondered whether CBDA is biologically active. But the study reports: “CBDA is an inhibitor of highly aggressive human breast cancer cell migration.””-

by Dan Skye


Marijuana Autism Miracle!

“Government continues the big lie.

Marijuana helps kids with autism spectrum disorders and often results in dramatic behavioral benefits, sometimes even complete relief from their incapacitating symptoms.”

Marijuana Autism Miracle!

“This was reported in the scientific journal Nature Communications and further supports the huge body of medical evidence that marijuana is the best, safest brain medicine that we have. It is also well documented that it is very effective for M.S., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraines, Seizures, etc.

 Yet our government keeps telling the BIG LIE: that marijuana is a dangerous, addictive drug with no known medical benefits!

Children with the autism spectrum disorders, especially those that resulted from Fragile X syndrome, often end up significantly disabled because of this terrible condition that results in trouble doing even such basic things as talking and walking, and also causes major deficits in social behavior.

Researchers from U.C., Irvine and from Inserm, a French research organization, again documented that that marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, has corresponding endocannabinoids in the brain that naturally improve the brain’s function.

Marijuana is actually potent enough to relieve many autism symptoms and essentially reestablishes synapses which are vital for correct brain function. This may explain why it is so therapeutic for so many brain conditions and illnesses and is also such a pleasurable herb. And cannabis has no unpleasant or harmful side effects. After the intelligent voters of Colorado and Washington recognized how safe and effective it is and voted to make it legal for all adults, it’s incredible that our government still tells us the big lie: that marijuana is a dangerous, addictive drug with no known medical benefits.

It’s actually the safest recreational, over-the counter or prescription drug in the world, never causing a single death. And it’s proven to be a remarkably effective medication for 50 different diseases including all the neurological ones listed  above, plus cancer, nausea and vomiting  including hyperemesis gravidarum of pregnancy (remember Princess Kate), chronic pain, arthritis, AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, etc.” – 

                Stephen H. Frye, M.D.